Pure & Journal Friends

We are passionate about providing drinkware that is versatile, safe, conducive to travel, outdoor activities or simply being on the go! At PURE, we believe drinkware is the new accessory. This is why we like to provide as many choices as possible to allow our customers to truly express themselves. Most importantly, we want to provide you with the comfort of knowing that what you are drinking is PURE.

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The story of Journal FriendsĀ® began with Chip and Heather Lovern creating a set of toys for their young children. Their creations became treasured possessions both of their children have held onto for years and served as the inspiration for Journal FriendsĀ®.
Today, Journal FriendsĀ® plush journals offer a new and unique way to encourage your child to practice their writing, drawing, and journaling while giving them a toy they’ll treasure for years to come!